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Our Approach to Sustainability


In today’s world, Sustainability has many definitions and numerous approaches. We focus our sustainable approach for commercial landscapes and the benefits that will occur for each property.

We approach each property’s landscape with several major goals in mind after our initial assessment:

  • Fertilize organically with programs designed from the soil test results. We also use fertigation systems to avoid excess runoff and leaching of fertilizers.

  • Amend and protect soils with mulches and compost.

  • Water wisely with the use of irrigation audits, improved system efficiency, and Smart irrigation controllers.

  • Prune selectively, only as needed on all trees and shrubs.

  • Minimize fuel consumption and labor with efficient scheduling practices and timing of maintenance tasks on the property.

  • Prescriptive pesticide usage as a last option in an Integrated Pest Management Program.

  • Plant strategically with the proper selection of plant materials for the area and the micro climates for the floral programs, landscape repairs, and new installation projects.

  • Build Healthy soils

  • Grass-cycle turf areas and spring/fall cleanups

  • Repurpose organic materials on-site

  • Recycle organic materials off-site

  • Upgrade Contract Specs

When we combine the best available science with the power and wisdom of nature we can achieve more sustainable landscapes for commercial properties. Embracing this strategy will lower our dependence on chemicals, reduce water usage, increases biodiversity, and adds value to the places where we live, work and play.


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