The SLC goal is to reduce overall irrigation needs of the turf and landscape as we feed the soil utilizing our fertigation systems. We over-water because we have bad soil. Over-watering is the number one reason we see plant failure.

This bad soil has been over-watered with treated water and fertilized with synthetic fertilizers. Treated water delivers sodium and chlorine into our landscapes. The sodium destroys soil structure and chlorine kills biology in the soil. Our soil-centric program will feed the soil to reduce the damage of sodium and chlorine while increasing the holding-capacity of the soil thus reducing the need to constantly irrigate.

Based on current, or potential watering restrictions, we will monitor the turf moisture requirements and program accordingly. Our goal is to cut irrigation by 30% minimum with:

  • System Audit and Analysis

  • Smart Controllers

  • Efficiency System Components

  • Improved Technology

  • Fertigation Installation


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