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Call Sustainable Landscapes Colorado to implement their “Green Initiative” into a your landscape maintenance RFP or your fit your existing landscape budget and watch the health and vitality of your commercial landscape improve while water savings, from innovative maintenance and improved irrigation practices, increase. There is a program and a strategy to increase the sustainable aspects necessary in our semi-arid environment. Call SLC to help you strategize such a landscape management program.

About Sustainable Landscapes Colorado

SLC is recognized as Metro Denver’s leader in ornamental landscaping and commercial landscape sustainable practices.  Our services span the Front Range with a mission to provide each property a “sense of arrival” with our floral programs. Specializing in sustainable maintenance solutions, floral programs, water management, holiday décor, and snow removal, SLC surpasses the competition in customer satisfaction and confidence.

With a lifetime of experience as a full-service, turnkey operation, SLC is confident that any commercial property can be enhanced and improved by our creative and artistic efforts coupled with our innovative “Green Initiative”.

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Landscape Maintenance

An old and tired commercial landscape needs an innovative, soil-centric approach to improve the current “boiler-plate” maintenance practices that do not consider the unique properties, various plant materials, and soil types of each property.

SLC focuses on reducing/eliminating waste and adverse environmental impact while enhancing the overall value of the landscape and the services provided. Existing soil fertility, drainage issues, and irrigation water usage is evaluated with property budgets in mind. We incorporate practices that conserve limited, valuable natural resources, reduces waste, reduces labor and fuel costs, and prevents pollution of air, water, and soil.

  • Mulch mowing at 3.5” height to recycle grass clippings and reduce water needs of turf.
  • Prune shrubs to a natural growth pattern to improve shrub health and reduce green waste from shearing practices.
  • Amend and protect soils with mulches and composts. Mulch utilized is a recycled product from local tree company and compost is obtained from local producer.
  • Audit irrigation system to reduce water usage and improve efficiency with budgets.
  • Utilize soaker and drip systems where applicable to reduce waste.
  • Regular soil testing to determine fertility programs of the turf and the landscape.
  • Organic fertilizer applications to support biologically active soils, reduce fertilizer consumption, and reduce water usage.
  • Prescriptive pesticide usage as a last option and incorporate IPM for landscape.
  • Proper plant selection when enhancements and replacements of plant material are warranted. Plant strategically with proper plant materials for the area and the microclimates of the property.
  • Minimize fuel consumption and labor with efficient scheduling practices and timing of maintenance tasks on the property.
  • All green waste is sent to a local green recycler to produce compost/mulch and then repurposed on the property as needed during the season and upon completion of spring and fall cleanups.

Irrigation Services

The SLC goal is to reduce overall irrigation needs of the turf and landscape as we feed the soil utilizing our fertigation systems. We over-water because we have bad soil. Over-watering is the number one reason we see plant failure.

This bad soil has been over-watered with treated water and fertilized with synthetic fertilizers. Treated water delivers sodium and chlorine into our landscapes. The sodium destroys soil structure and chlorine kills biology in the soil. Our soil-centric program will feed the soil to reduce the damage of sodium and chlorine while increasing the holding-capacity of the soil thus reducing the need to constantly irrigate.

Based on current, or potential watering restrictions, we will monitor the turf moisture requirements and program accordingly. Our goal is to cut irrigation by 30% minimum with:

  • System Audit and Analysis
  • Smart Controllers
  • Efficiency System Components
  • Improved Technology
  • Fertigation Installation


In today’s world, Sustainability has many definitions and numerous approaches. We focus our sustainable approach for commercial landscapes and the benefits that will occur for each property.

We approach each property’s landscape with several major goals in mind after our initial assessment:


  • Fertilize organically with programs designed from the soil test results. We also use fertigation systems to avoid excess runoff and leaching of fertilizers.
  • Amend and protect soils with mulches and compost.
  • Water wisely with the use of irrigation audits, improved system efficiency, and Smart irrigation controllers.
  • Prune selectively, only as needed on all trees and shrubs.
  • Minimize fuel consumption and labor with efficient scheduling practices and timing of maintenance tasks on the property.
  • Prescriptive pesticide usage as a last option in an Integrated Pest Management Program.
  • Plant strategically with the proper selection of plant materials for the area and the micro climates for the floral programs, landscape repairs, and new installation projects.
  • Build Healthy soils
  • Grass-cycle turf areas and spring/fall cleanups
  • Repurpose organic materials on-site
  • Recycle organic materials off-site
  • Upgrade Contract Specs

When we combine the best available science with the power and wisdom of nature we can achieve more sustainable landscapes for commercial properties. Embracing this strategy will lower our dependence on chemicals, reduce water usage, increases biodiversity, and adds value to the places where we live, work and play.

Floral Programs

Our floral programs are second to none in providing creativity and color.

We strive to promote a sustainable approach with a mix of annuals, perennials, grasses, and shrubs in our beds. We provide a solid maintenance program for the annual and perennial beds that incorporate a soil centric, fertilization approach, IPM for pest/disease issues, and improved technology in irrigation practices and systems. Our goal is to curate a floral program that remains dynamic for 12 months.


Older landscapes occasionally must be repaired and redesigned to integrate resource efficiency, site function, and aesthetics.

Designing new landscapes, or simple enhancements, for a commercial landscape in Colorado is not a slam dunk. There are numerous factors special to each property that must ascertained prior to design and installation – the micro-climates, soil conditions, irrigation systems, and desired outcomes.

The transformation of high-water turf areas into low-water use “gardens” is an area of expertise at SLC. The goal in every design and installation on our properties utilizes the principles of xeriscape.


1- Planning and Design

2- Efficient Irrigation

3- Mulch

4- Soil Preparation

5- Appropriate Turf

6- Water-Efficient Plant Material

7- Appropriate Maintenance

As part of our full-service packages, we are proud to offer our family of clients Snow Removal packages to ensure both safety and security during the winter months.

To ring in the holiday season, SLC offers holiday lighting and decorating packages, individually designed for every client.   We strive to create a feeling of true magic, coupled with light and spirit.




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